Lunch in Spain

Lunch in Spain

Each Spanish province has its own dining traditions, but one thing unites them – they eat hearty, tasty and leisurely.

The traditional lunch consists of several courses. Cold gazpacho soup is very popular in the summer. It is made from vegetables, garlic, pepper and olive oil and served with croutons. Andalusia is considered the birthplace of gazpacho, but in Castilla they love garlic soup – a broth with ham, garlic, egg, butter and sweet pepper. Soups are not an obligatory part of the meal; they are often replaced with fresh vegetable salads.

Paella – the queen of the dining table – is considered the most “Spanish” dinner dish. In Spain, entire schools have been created where they teach the intricacies of cooking of its various types. And the best paella, according to experts, is prepared in Valencia.

All kinds of seafood is also served for lunch, from which you can make a salad, bake, fry, boil soup. Especially fond of squid in ink or its fried in breadcrumbs rings, tentacles of cuttlefish with red pepper.

You can cook all these dishes yourself. The ingredients can be found in the supermarket, which also sells special paella dishes. And the full kitchen at GBH Hoteles y Apartamentos is perfect for a delicious Spanish meal!